We have a mumble server, it doesn’t tend to be overcrowded and we’re a bunch of raccoons fighting over trash in here, so be prepared for that.

If you don’t know what mumble is I’ll enlighten you, it’s a voice chat server, like team speak. Aaaand you don’t know what team speak is either.

Imagine this, you log in and on the right you have a list of channels with the users in them. On the left a chat, it doesn’t store any log so it’s privacy friendly. This was all created ages ago so even the shittiest internet should handle this wonderfully.

You can install mumble from your distro’s repos effortlessly.

What… Do you mean what’s a repo? And what do you mean what’s a distro..?

You’re not on windows, right?

…I won’t scold you but you made me sad.

You can download mumble here and once you’re done with the initial setup you can reach the server at raccoon.quest

We look forward to welcome you.