No gods. The fedi doesn't need influencers.

When I joined the fediverse there was one thing that I thought was wonderful. Everyone was as important as the next person, there was no celebrity, there was no InFlUeNcEr. Sure, there’s Linus Torvalds on the fedi but even in his case it’s not like there’s a cult of personality around the guy. Lately I noticed something that made me sad, there suddenly is a cult of personality. I won’t mention specific names, I don’t like doing that publicly, I will just say this clearly among friends, but I have noticed there’s someone who has a large following. I’ve seen popular individuals on the fedi before, I’ve seen someone with a ton of followers, I’ve seen people liked by many, but it was never a borderline cult. It never felt like a celebrity or influencer kinda situation. With the individual in question it’s different. People go out of their way to display their “membership” of this fan club in their bios, people posting about this person as if just the name appearing somewhere was interesting. Personally I hope this dies off, I seriously hope we won’t have more similar situations in the future as I believe this to be something that would make the fedi just a bit worse.

Post Scrittum:

Someone pointed out that I didn’t do a good job at explaining why I think this is bad, that as is it just looks like I’m saying it’s bad because I don’t like it, so I’ll try to share more, I might add more later if more comes to mind. People tend to fall for the popularity mentality, from the simple school yard to adult life the popular ones are more important than the others. There’s a reason why the word influencer was picked I guess. Oh, that famous, charismatic, attractive person said that X is good, I’ll get me some X. Oh they said that Y is bad, I’ll avoid Y. People try to be more popular, and sometimes this popularity can be used in a negative way. No. I’m not saying that in this specific case that specific person that made me consider these things is going to be a negative one or use their popularity in a destructive way. But it’s still the first time this mentality set foot in the fedi’s door. Let me give an example of how popularity can go wrong, even in when someone doesn’t mean to. I’m sure we’re all well familiar with youtube and we all know what a youtuber is. I follow some myself and even when they are trying to just share their ideas and opinions in a neutral way their followers might go and herass someone just because the youtuber in question said something ever so slightly negative about them. So much so that one of the content creators I watch has to very clearly state that he doesn’t like it when people do that every time he talks about others. But popularity can be used in an actively aggressive way. I’ll just use the same example I used on the fedi when asked about this but let’s pretend that the influencer opossum posts about raccoon stealing his trash. Now, the trash did not belong to opossum, opossum just liked to search through that bin too. But opossum’s followers will go out of their way to be aggressive towards raccoon. It’s just a couple of examples, but it’s a mentality that I genuinely think would be negative on the fedi and, again, made it worse.